Supreme Handbag and Small Leathergoods Cleaner

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  • Supreme Handbag and Small Leather Goods Cleaner is our premium product for caring for your precious bags.

  • Suitable for use on all leather bags.

  • All leather bags need to be cleaned once in a while and we have made it our aim to offer you the very best products.

  • Our Bag Care range has been specially developed to ensure you keep your bags in the very best condition.

  • Teamed with Supreme Bag Care Protector these items will care and protect your handbag collection.

  • 100ml non aerosol spray

Before applying, make sure you wipe the leather with a clean polishing cloth to take off any dust from the surface.  Then spray from a distance of about 20cm in short bursts.  Work into the leather with the cloth to remove any spots of dirt or stains.  Leave for about 10 minutes and then buff with a cloth to remove any residue.

Read our Hackers Guide to Handbag Care to keep your favourite leather accessories looking its best.

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Product Description


How to look after your handbags and purses

If you’re anything like us you love your handbags and spend loads of money on them! But you may also have found out the hard way that leather deteriorates if it’s not looked after properly. We get loads of questions from customers about how to keep their bags, purses and other leather items looking their best. Here are some of the most common questions we get – hopefully they’ll help you too!

Q: I spend loads of money on my handbags, how can I protect them from getting marks?

      A: Use a waterproof protector. . Make certain you keep your bag away from intense sunlight, heat, and humidity. Exposure to water, oil, makeup, and permanent dyes can unfortunately stain tanned leathers. Use a soft cloth to brush your bag every couple of days – it only takes a few seconds and will help to preserve the appearance of your bag.

Q: My handbags are looking a bit sad these days. I can’t afford to replace them all, how can I give them a new lease of life?

      A: Make sure you use a good cleaner and a gentle neutral cream polish.

Q: Oh no, the zip has broken on my favourite bag, what can I do?

      A: Zips can always be repaired by a good quality shoe repairer.

Q: How should I store my bags?

      A: Stash your bag in a lint-free dust bag not to close to a heater. Never use a plastic bag as it could lead to mould.  Stuff with bubble wrap or tissue paper (not newspaper) to keep the shape.

Q: How do I stop the colour from my jeans bleeding onto my bag?

      A: Use a Colour Stop spray and then apply protector afterwards to seal the leather.

Q: How do I stop the leather cracking?

      A:  Keep it away from heaters or direct sunlight.  Use a cream polish very sparingly to keep the leather soft and supple.

Myth – buy your bag and just use it without looking after it.

Fact – we are all spending loads of money on our bags that we love and want them to last. We really have to look after them.  Leather needs oil to stay supple; otherwise it will become dry over a period of time.  Leather bags will start to deteriorate if we don’t look after them. 

If you follow these tips, your wonderful bags will last for years – looking and feeling great!!  Special bags should be special for a long long time – we are here to help you!!

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