Selvyt 1890 Super Premium Leather Shoe Cream, Jar Brush and Polishing Cloth-Black

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  • Selvyt Premium shoe kit to look after and preserve the finest shoes.

  • You will receive a jar brush - black or tan, depending on the cream colour - one cream of your choice and one Polishing Cloth.

  • Selvyt 1890 Super Premium Leather Shoe Cream nourishes and revives the colour of Smooth and High Grade Leathers.

  • 100 ml.

  • Selvyt SR Polishing Cloth is perfect for all your shoe and boot polishing and it's as good as new when washed.

  • Take out a small amount using a cloth or a soft brush and apply evenly.

  • Allow to dry for 20 minutes and buff with a cloth or soft brush.

  • Available in Black, Neutral, Tan, Burgundy and Dark Brown

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Additional Information

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