Pedag Viva Mini

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  • Pedag Viva Mini is an excellent ultra light leather three quarter foot support.

  • It can be worn with any style of footwear and keeps your foot in the correct position at all times.

  • This excellent lightweight footbed is just perfect for today's fashionable, sometimes tight-fitting shoes and even peep toes.

  • Viva MINI is an anatomically shaped three quarter length foot support, incorporating a shock absorbing heel pad whilst cushioning the foot.

  • Viva MINI will support the longitudinal arch and keep your foot in the anatomically correct position.

  • Very useful in supporting the transversal arch, helps cushion the often overstrained heel, helps prevent splayfoot and will help with any pain you may already be suffering from.

  • We highly recommend this three quarter foot support for flat feet or splayed feet - providing full comfort whilst walking.

  • Made of fine leather which helps to regulate the temperature inside the shoe and keeps your feet fresh

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Additional Information

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