Pedag Supra Tongue Pad Instep Cushion for shoes S/M and L/XL

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Pedag SUPRA is an amazing soft tongue pad which protects the delicate top of the foot.
If you have shoes with laces and the laces rub and pinch the top of your feet - Pedag SUPRA is perfect.
Pedag SUPRA tongue pad will cushion the delicate part of your feet, effectively protecting them from pain caused by pressure
Also ideal for ganglion cysts.

Pedag SUPRA is self-adhesive and can be attached to the inner side of the tongue.
Peel off the release paper and position on the underside of the tongue in your shoe.
You will instantly get relief caused by pressure and friction on the top of your foot!!

Available in small/medium and large/xlarge

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Additional Information

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