Pedag Lady 3/4 Length Toeless Insole High heels, pumps, shoes

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Pedag lady 3/4 leather insole

Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany

Brand: Pedag Lady 3/4 Metatarsol Insole shoes boots

MPN: Does Not Apply

  • Wearing high heels can really hurt your feet!! Burning sensation under the foot - walking with pain!! When you wear high heels, almost 75% of your weight is supported by the ball of your foot - Ouch!!
  • Pedag Lady has a wonderful cushion to help your feet relax and take away the pain of high heels.
  • The splayfoot pad is really comfortable being made of soft latex and will support and cushion the foot, whilst preventing the arches of your feet from dropping.
  • Thin enough to fit most shoes. The toe cutout is ideal for peeptoe shoes.
  • Made with vegetable tanned leather to help stop the growth of bacterial odours.
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EAN S8983D546
Manufacturer Pedag
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