Pedag High Life Half Inner Sole Gel

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  • The Pedag range of gel comfort shoe aids cushion the feet and aids burning of the foot.

  • GEL half-sole are anatomically shaped, they cushion and prevents burning sensation in the balls of your feet. 

  • They fit all shoes thanks to great positioning aid.

  • If you wear high heels for any length of time, quite often the balls of your feet start to hurt as the front of your foot bears most of your body weight.

  • Pedag High Life provide the correct cushioning in the right part of the foot.

  • These half soles cushion all five metatarsophalangeal joints.

  • They are invisible and self adhesive.

  • One size fits all.

Easy to follow instructions are on the packaging. They can easily be removed from the shoes and can be reused again and again. If the gel insoles stop sticking to your shoes, just rinse them with fresh water

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Additional Information

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