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pedag deo fresh insole

Airy light sisal fibers cushion your feet pleasantly soft, and the absorbent terry cloth keeps moisture away from your feet: so even walking barefoot feels wonderful. Especially for summer sneakers, this is an absolute feel-good plus.

Why use sisal as a cushioning material?
Sisal hemp is a renewable raw material. The fibers are extracted from the leaf of the agave. The fiber bundles are pressed into thin mats that cushion your foot elastically while allowing air to circulate inside the shoe. Sisal is naturally flexible and very durable, so you'll enjoy walking comfortably for a long time.

Why bamboo terry?
Bamboo terry is a sustainable alternative to cotton or synthetics because little water and no pesticides are used in its production. When wearing it barefoot, you'll immediately feel how pleasantly silky and skin-flattering it is to walk on. On top of that, bamboo terrycloth provides perfect moisture management in the shoe: natural foot sweat is absorbed quickly and can evaporate quickly thanks to the air circulation (see above: Why sisal as padding material?). Since bamboo absorbs six times more moisture than cotton, this gives you a particularly comfortable feeling in the shoe.

Can I wear the sole every day?
Basically, you can wear the insole every day. However, we generally recommend to wear pedag soles every other day, i.e. to let them rest for a day in between, so they can regenerate - outside of the shoe - and you can enjoy them for a longer time. Since we prefer to use breathable and absorbent materials, it makes sense to let the absorbed sweat evaporate. This is more hygienic and prolongs the life of the sole.

To keep the soles clean, you can wash them occasionally. Hand washing is possible without any problems. For additional hygiene, you can spray them regularly with pedag Shoe Deo: the odour adsorber eliminates unpleasant smells and prevents foot odour. By the way, Shoe Deo is biodegradable.

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