Attention all Fashionistas!

If you’re the proud owner of this seasons most coveted designer handbag this guide is for you. Don’t let the hard-earned cash you’ve invested on your fashion must-have be wasted and give your handbag the loving care and attention it deserves!

Many of our customers have noticed that over time the leather of their favourite items deteriorates and ruins the original look and quality so, we’ve put together this essential guide to ensure your handbag is kept looking as good as the day you bought it.


Follow these tips to keep your bag looking fabulous for years to come.

Caring for your new leather bag starts on DAY 1
Before you sling your new purchase over your shoulder, make sure to spray it with handbag protector to give maximum defence against the everyday elements that can damage goods such as water marks from rain and dye staining.
Keys? ...check. Phone? ...check. Waterproof spray? ...check!
British weather is so unpredictable, just like you keep a brolly in your bag for impromptu showers, make sure you carry your waterproof protector with you too. When delicate leather is exposed to water it can leave unsightly stains. Taking a few seconds to wipe over your bag with a waterproof spray will protect it from the natural elements.
Our Supreme Bag Cleaner comes in a dinky 100ml non-aerosol spray format, making it ideal to keep in your handbag without taking up lots room.
If you can’t take the heat...
Just like our own skin over-exposure to intense sunlight, heat and humidity can compromise the quality of leather. Keep your bag away from heaters and use a pea-sized drop of cream polish to keep the leather soft and supple.
Plastic, NOT Fantastic
The best way to stash your handbag is in a lint-free dust cloth holder. Never use a plastic bag as it could lead to mould. Stuff the shoe with bubble wrap or tissue paper (not newspaper as the print will bleed!) to keep the shape.
Josephine & her Amazing Technicolour, well.. everything!
Dyed denim can have the annoying tendency of bleeding colour; leaving whatever you were wearing that day a lovely shade of blue. Use a Colour Stop spray in combination with our protector to form a leather sealant. It will protect your bag from colour staining and maintain its original, beautiful colour.