Collonil Clean & Care Cleaning Foam

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  • Clean & Care foam is a great highly effective cleaning foam for all leathers, nubuck, suede and textiles.

  • Containing natural softeners and waxes, this product is solvent free and propellant free

  • Clean & Care will remove dirt and stains without discolouration.

  • 200ml foam pump

We recommendwiping the area with a damp cloth to remove dirt and then apply the foam onto a cloth and spread evenly across the stained area.  Leave for a time to allow Clean & Care to absorb the dirt and stains and then wipe away excess fao with a damp cloth.  Once dry, buff smooth leather with a buffing brush.  For suede or nubuck we suggest buffing with Nubuck Box to restore the nap.  Use as often as required.


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Additional Information

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